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Children's relaxation book Mermaid 1 (in Finnish, coming soon in English)

Mermaid 1 is a hearthful book about an unique mermaid, Riku and dolphin as well as about a little duck who all find their inner strength.

The adventurers appearing in this book are mermaid, Riku, dolphin friends and a family of ducks.

In the duck family the little ducks learn to fly. Friendly dolphins take Riku on a journey across the waters. Sweet Iiris-mermaid gets to introduce herself to a new world with her dolphin friends Maria and Eerik.

Price: 20€

Children's relaxation CD Mermaid 1

Duck family Duck family (ages 5-8); Small ducks learn to fly. Also the smallest one learns to fly with the support of its family. Mermaid 1
Dolphin friend Dolphin friend (ages 7-12); Friendly dolphins take the listener to a joyrney through the waters.
Mermaid 1 Mermaid 1 (ages 10-15); Sweet Iris-mermaid gets to know a new world with her dolphin friends.

Price: 20€ 

Children's relaxation CD The Journey Of The Rainbow

Lapanen a friendly ghost called "Lapanen" (ages 5-8); A small friendly ghost is afraid to be a ghost.
Rainbow's Tour
Dreamland Dreamland (ages 7-12); Sweet dreams!
Rainbow Rainbow (ages 10-15); Get to know all the colors of the rainbow.

Price: 15€ 

Children's music CD Sukellus  (composed by Henna Nabb)

Experience the tales of the mermaid and the rainbow in a new manner. Close your eyes and let the music take you. Every song supports the atmosphere of the stories and together with the tales you can make the experience more deeper. This CD supports the development of emotional intelligence and is an excellent aid for emotional education. So travel along with the mermaid and other friends together into a musical adventure and dive into the world of stories.

Listen to the excerpts from the CD "Sukellus":

Kummitusten Tie Kummitusten Tie Sukellus
Dee Dee Delfiini Dee Dee Delfiini
Sateenkaaren Värit Sateenkaaren varit

Price: 20€

Coming soon:

Mermaid 1 book in English.

The Journey of The Rainbow book in Finnish and English

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